October 21, 2019

Cikal 5 Stars Competencies

Cikal 5 Stars Competencies are our main objectives implemented in the whole school atmosphere- planning, teaching and assessing in all level of interaction. Our aim is to be a community of lifelong learners making a difference through everything we do, every single day. The question of whether we "practice what we preach" is a continuous reflection in the way we do things between all members of our community- educators, parents, students.

The Cikal 5 Stars Competencies are a range of competencies which consists of specific knowledge, attitudes, skills and actions, which we believe are important for the development of the whole-person.

 Cikal 5 Stars

Cikal 5 Stars Competencies are:

  • Emotionally, spiritually and morally rich
  • Broadminded and physically sound
  • Skillful and an effective thinker
  • Self-regulated learner
  • Empowering Member of Just, Sustainable and Peaceful Global Society

The videos below will show you how 5 Stars Competencies works in Cikal. The first video is the explanation of the competencies, with graphic and words from our Head of School. The second video will tell you more about how it applied in real life at school.







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