Head Of School

Welcome to Cikal


All of us at Cikal are lifelong learners who are committed to make a difference; nurturing development of Cikal 5 Stars Competencies in each single one of our community members.

This means we believe in the power of collaboration, to achieve our goals we must share the same philosophy and work closely together - the educators, parents and students. We also believe that  real learning takes a lot of our heart, head and hands -- it is a process that is best described by our Cikal Curriculum Circle, reflected in our tangible and intangible curriculum, in the school atmosphere and how we practice what we preach every day.

Education at Cikal is about being successful in life, beyond schooling. It is about doing whatever it takes one child and one family at a time. We are proud that Cikal can be part of this exciting and wonderful journey, for our community and beyond. Since we started in 1999, our actual works and growth, our students' achievement and the national and international's acknowledgment has proved what's possible.

At Cikal, everyday is a special time to move forward and celebrate 
learning. We believe and have shown that our impact last a life time and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


Najelaa Shihab
Head Of School