[Cikal Setu] STEAM FAIR (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math)

As part of our actions to realize our goals to become a community of lifelong learner which make a difference through everything we do, we are having a subject showcase annually. This program is also a celebration of one academic year of learning process in our school, at the level of Middle Year Programme (MYP) to Diploma Programme (DP). This year, we have decided to make a collaboration of several subjects showcase, which we realize in this year’s CIKAL STEAM FAIR 2018. It is a collaboration of Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Mathematics learnings in our school that approach one same big theme, that is “Biodiversity”. The choice of this year theme is also in conjunction with this year’s UN International Day for Biological Diversity (World Biodiversity Day) to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues. This year is the celebration of 25th anniversary action for Biodiversity. 

Diversity is chosen because we live in the world with variety of species. In order to know about the diversity (condition, quality, quantity) of living things on Earth, we have to have knowledge in science, skills in math, and aesthetic in art. We believe with this theme, we can raise the awareness of Cikal’s Community towards the importance of diversity in our life to obtain a sustainable life in the future. Hence, our tagline for this 2018 is 
“Exploring Wonders, Expanding Minds Conserving (Bio)Diversity”. 

In this STEAM Fair 2018, we will invite experts to share their knowledge and experience on their fields to our students as an eye opener. In addition to that, we have several other activities that aims to improve students ability in sharing their knowledge to school community, as well as to nourish their confidence and skill of being a lifelong learner. In order to achieve these, we conduct various activities such as workshops, games and exhibitions