Every child is unique, including children with special needs. As a lifelong learning community, Sekolah Cikal provides various programs to support children with special needs. These programs aim to support the achievement of learning goals and self-development, as well as developing their life skills as part of the community

Programs and membership type:

  • Full time: Early Intervention, Academic SSC, SSC Functional, SSC Personal Development, SSC Vocational, Therapy, Enrichment, Family Program
  • Part-time: Academic Enrichment, Personal Development, Therapy, Enrichment, Family Program

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Update Information - Contact Cikal

Due to Large Scale Social Distancing Policy, Sekolah Cikal is currently learning from home. Please contact our WhatsApp number below:

Program Inklusi Cikal Jakarta : +62 877-2555-4100

Program Inklusi Cikal Surabaya : +62815-1550-1010