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The Cikal Alumni pages enhance an engaged community of Cikal alumni worldwide. It connects our alumni through various community activities, education programs, online services, and events.  Cikal has been graduating hundreds of alumni since 2017, exploring their passion and dream within the country through a national and private university in Indonesia, as well as foreign universities around the world.

Each of the alumni went through a series of processes that sharpen their cognitive skills, personality, and professional motives. They also participated in a series of counselling sessions where they can discuss their interest towards their preferred universities and the road to pursue their dream career.

Some of Cikal alumni still strived to explore their interests through a gap year where they preferred to work and enrich their skills before opting for university and continuing their education. In this process, Cikal welcomed the alumni for counseling and discussion about their future. Whatever it takes, Cikal is always proud of every Cikal alumni!

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