Cikal is a community of lifelong learners whom you can trust as a partner to empower your children to be successful beyond schooling; with whom your children can stay happily and safely to learn, play, and grow. Led by Yayasan Cinta Keluarga incorporated with PT Sekolah Cikal, we are made to grow since 1999 by Najelaa Shihab and Dewi Soeharto, who believe that the future awaits a young great generation to lead and create a harmonious society.

Embracing 25 years of our growing moments,  our commitment will remain the same: to fulfil every learning need of students. Also, reflection in our learning process is always the most significant way to ensure every student will have an impactful learning experience with Cikal Ways of Learning known as 5Cs in their learning phases for achieving Cikal's vision and mission, 5 Stars Competencies. 

We will continue transforming beyond the conventional definition of schooling and we are sure the implementation of our personalized curriculum for each and every single one of our students, our competencies-based digitally integrated curriculum for all levels will be even more fun and meaningful.


24 years of growing, we have developed extensive programs to unfold every child’s potential for what they are passionate about. We will always collaborate to bring out the best version of every child to make more remarkable contributions to the world. To know more about our journey in Indonesia’s educational ecosystem, below are our milestones.

(Cikal Milestones as Community of Lifelong learners and the pioneer of Competency-based school in Indonesia. Doc.Cikal)


Known as the Community of Lifelong Learners, Cikal established and collaborated with various educational and learning communities (for parents, students, and teachers) in all areas of Indonesia. All these innovations and contributions support us to develop more pleasant and meaningful learning experiences for future generations.

Here are Cikal community networks, 

  • Yayasan Guru Belajar (@yayasangurubelajar), 

  • Kampus Pemimpin Merdeka (@kampurpemimpinmerdeka), 

  • Guru Belajar.org (@gurubelajarorg)

  • Kampus Guru Cikal (@kampusgurucikal)

  • Teach First Indonesia (@TeachFirstIndonesia)

Cikal is a learning community committed to nurturing lifelong learners who may give meaningful contributions to make a difference in this world.

Our Vision and Mission


Our Vision, Cikal is a learning community committed to nurturing lifelong learners who may give meaningful contributions to make a difference in this world.

Cikal 5 stars competencies are our main objectives implemented in the whole school atmosphere planning, teaching and assessing in all levels of interaction. We aim to be a community of lifelong learners making a difference through everything we do daily. The question of whether we “practice what we preach” is a continuous reflection of the way we do things among all members of our community educators, parents, and students.

The Cikal 5 Stars competencies are a range of competencies that consist of specific knowledge, attitudes, skills, and actions, which we believe are important for the development of the whole person.

Cikal 5 Stars Competencies

Cikal 5 Stars Competencies are:

  1. Self-regulated learner

  2. Emotionally, morally and spiritually rich

  3. Skillful and effective thinker

  4. Broadminded and physically sound

  5. Empowering members of a just, sustainable and peaceful global society

Our Mission, in Cikal we are aiming to :

  • Establish stability in every individual student, emotionally, morally, and spiritually

  • Cultivate skilled and effective learners

  • Create independent learners

  • Build insightful and physically sound learners

  • Actively empower a global community to constantly promote sustainable actions in realizing fairness and peace

We explore and support children's potential through 5 ways (5Cs) and apply it through 14 dimensions of competencies. 

Understanding that competency grows differently in every individual, Sekolah Cikal believes personalization is the key to nurturing it at its best. According to the U.S. Department of Education (2010), personalized learning is when instruction is paced to learning needs, tailored to learning preferences, and tailored to the specific interests of different students.

The students drive their learning, connect learning with interests, passions, and aspirations, develop the skills to select and use appropriate technology and resources to support learning, demonstrate mastery of content in a competency-based model, employ assessment as learning, become self-directed learner who monitors progress and reflects on learning based on mastery of the knowledge and skills.




As we explain Cikal 5 Stars Competencies as our vision and mission, our curriculum circle below will give the clear connection between the school’s vision and mission as “Cita”, the way or “Cara” in which learning interaction happens, and the school’s program as “Cakupan” or vehicle for every member of the school community to develop their 14 dimensions to the fullest

Cikal Curriculum Circle

Core Circle: Sekolah Cikal Aim (5 Star Competencies)

Sekolah Cikal Curriculum aims at the 5 Star Competencies. It is broken down into 14 dimensions. The 14 dimensions are a translation of Sekolah Cikal's 5 Stars Competencies in the form of competencies that can be measured. The specific learning outcomes throughout these dimensions will later be expressed in curriculum documents and called the written curriculum.

Middle Circle: Sekolah Cikal Way (5Cs)

The second part of the curriculum model defines the Sekolah Cikal Ways known as 5Cs,  (Characterized, Comprehensive Concept, Constructive Continuity, Challenging Choices, and Community Context) in attaining the 5 Stars Competencies. The Sekolah Cikal Way consists of the strategies of delivery and is called the taught curriculum.

Outer Circle: Sekolah Cikal Program

This is the outer layer of the Sekolah Cikal Curriculum Circle. Sekolah Cikal Personalized Cikal Programs consist of the Required and Student’s Preference that refer to the needs and interests of each student. Every student will have their own Personalized Curriculum Circle, allowing them to choose programs that support their prioritized dimension.

Sekolah Cikal has self-directed Programs and Practices consisting of Core and Required Learning Areas. Students (together with teachers and parents) choose from the list of programs and practices according to their individual targets and needs. Also, we nurture their greatness by using a personalized approach supported by digital integration.




The process to attain the competencies at Cikal is divided into 9 (nine) phases from Preschool to Secondary School as follows:

  • Phase A : Kelas Adik-Adik (6 to 24 Months old)

  • Phase B : Kakak-Kakak - Pre-Kindergarten (2 to 4 Years old)

  • Phase C : Reception Junior - Reception Senior (4 to 6 Years old)

  • Phase D : Year 1 - Year 2 (6 to 8 years old)

  • Phase E : Year 3 - Year 4 (8 to 10 years old)

  • Phase F : Year 5 - Year 6 (10 to 12 years old)

  • Phase G : Year 7 - Year 8 (12 to 14 years old)

  • Phase H : Year 9 - Year 10 (14 to 16 years old)

  • Phase I :  Year 11 - Year 12 (16 to 18 years old)

The phases above show how curriculum levels typically relate to years at school. Many students do not, however, fit this pattern. They include students with special learning needs, students with special needs, and students with no prior knowledge of the language being learned, regardless of their school year.




Cikal integrated programs aim to develop more meaningful learning experiences for students in achieving Cikal 5 Stars Competencies.  Cikal will integrate several subjects into programs that address various global issues that make it easier for the students to learn within the context of everyday life, which are the true reflection of our Cikal Ways of Learning (5Cs).



Integrated Programs

Stand Alone Programs 

Reception Junior-Year 6

Social Studies, Language Studies, Sciences, The Arts, Personal Social Education, Service Learning

Mathematics, Physical Health Education, Religion Studies

Year 7 - Year 8

Social Studies, Language Studies, Science, The Arts, Personal Social Education, Service Learning, Design & Technology

Mathematics, Physical Health Education, Religion Studies

Year 9 - Year 10

Bahasa Indonesia, The Arts, Social Studies, Service Learning

Mathematics, Physical Health Education, Personal Social Education, Religion Studies, Sciences, English, Design & Technology

Year 11 - Year 12

Personal Social Education, Physical Health Education, Religion Studies

All others Subjects

This integration will also contribute to the project-based approach that will allow flexibility in adapting content according to the times and to the frameworks that we offer (International Baccalaureate, Kurikulum Nasional/Merdeka, and Cambridge).  




  • The International Baccalaureate® (IB) 

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) offers a continuum of international education. The programmes encourage both personal and academic achievement, challenging students to excel in their studies and in their personal development. Cikal has been already authorized to offer IB programmes.

  • Cambridge Assessment International Education

The Cambridge International curriculum sets a global standard for education and is recognised by universities and employers worldwide. Cikal has been already authorized to offer and be the centre of Cambridge Assessment, particularly in Sekolah Cikal Serpong. 

  • The Indonesian National Curriculum 

The national curriculum is set forth based on the national education standards to ensure the achievement of the National Education Goals.




At Cikal, we develop Collaboration, Leadership, and Individual potential by having house systems for students in the Reception to High school levels, and also for all teachers and staff into four houses:

Members of each house are grouped into special buddies with one teacher and one student from each year level grouped together until the end of their academic year in Cikal.  This group collaboration will always be in action on a special school event, such as Pesta Rakyat 17 Agustus, Sports Activities, Art events, and Book and/or Social service weeks.



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