Cikal Programs

The world is changing rapidly, and the pandemic accelerates the process in many aspects of our life. While it has been a very challenging part for all of us in Cikal community, we also find ourselves becoming more confident in the importance of nurturing our Cikal 5 Stars competencies and practising Cikal 5 Cs in the teaching and learning process, whether it’s at school or at home. 

As per our plan to continue transforming beyond the conventional definition of schooling, we are sure the implementation of our personalized curriculum circle for each and every single one of our students, our competencies-based digitally integrated curriculum for all levels, will be even more fun and meaningful.

The program catalogue is a compilation of our “cakupan”, the most tangible part of our curriculum circle, and an essential part of our academic route. The selection period will enhance the conversation between parents, teachers and students - but the reflection of the process throughout the years will be a lifelong journey of bridging our children as a leader to the future, let us find more detail about Program Groups Cikal, Program Selection Flow, and Compulsory Credit


  1. Early Childhood

10. Service Learning 

  1. Culminating Project 

11. Social Studies 

  1. Language Studies 

12. Arts 

  1. Design 

13. Early Intervention 

  1. Mathematics 

14. PIC Personal Development 

  1. Personal and Social Education

15. Academic PIC 

7. Physical and Health Education

16. PIC Functional

8. Religion Studies

17. PIC Vocational 

9. Service Learning

18. PIC Therapy


Program selection is a period in which students choose programs for the next academic year, with recommendations from homeroom teachers and approval from parents.

  1. PCC TALK (Personalized Curriculum Circle Talk)

  2. Townhall for Parents 

  3. Program catalogue distribution to parents as well as students

  4. Program selection via

  5. Program Validation and Confirmation 

  6. Billing Information to Parents (Based on selected programs) 


Compulsory credit is a minimum credit that a student is required to fulfil within the year level they are at. Fulfilment to compulsory credit is a very crucial factor in school determination to a student’s passing later. While fulfilling the compulsory credit, the student is given an array of programs option in every program group to choose based on their interest, their learning needs and their capacity to learn further at a higher level. 

Under certain circumstances, the student may choose more programs, which may result in more credits taken than the required compulsory credit. Please be informed that this credit amount will not bear any consequences in calculating credits in the later academic year or next year level.

  • This minimum credit does not apply to the preschool and reception levels. But the students from these levels still need to fulfil the minimum amount of program per year.

  • Compulsory credits in each year level can be applied to students with special needs, based on the student’s readiness and the need for national report conversion.

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