There are 3 Program Groups in Rumah Main Cikal, our preschool level. During these 1st years of life, the preschool students get exposure to 4 dimensions only: Intelligent, Communicative, Balanced, Caring. These dimensions are mapped in the Early Childhood And Service Learning Program Group, below are the details 

1. Early Childhood 

Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in playing children will reflect on how to learn. Rumah Main Cikal has been designed to equip children through their early years (1 - 5 years old), covering preschool and reception level. Each child’s uniqueness and potential will be unfolded here by our dedicated teachers through daily interaction and play-based programs. We foster every child’s curiosity to discover, learn, and explore its surroundings happily.

  • Focused Dimension: Intelligent, Communicative, Balanced, Caring.
  • Example of program: Aku Sebagai Individu, Aku Sebagai Warga Dunia, Aku dan Ekspresiku, Aku dan Eksplorasiku.

2. Service Learning 

Sekolah Cikal respects the needs of its learners to develop their comprehension on their Service Learning is characteristically a form of experiential learning where learners are given the opportunity to integrate community service with the structured learning taking place in the classroom to enrich their learning experiences of the course material.

Service Learning activities and programs are delivered through the connection to certain academic courses and through the service-learning community. In Sekolah Cikal, Service Learning program is commonly known as Cikal Aksi-Aksi. It commits to any community service actions that have sustainable impacts and goes beyond just a superficial action such as giving donation or volunteering. It ought to provide learners with challenges to enhance critical thinking and creativity in offering plausible solutions.

  • Focused Dimension: Caring, Reflective, Impactful Leading
  • Example of the program: Cikal Aksi-Aksi

3. Physical and Health Education (PHE) 

This program focuses on developing physical fitness and the ability to perform and enjoy day-to-day physical activities with ease. Regular physical education classes prepare kids to be physically and mentally active, fit, and healthy into adulthood.

The “health” part of the program shows how the benefits of regular exercise and healthy food choices along with the risks of inactivity and poor diet, is an important variable in the PHE curriculum. Students of all ages might be asked to dedicate themselves to making a few small improvements in diet and exercise for a period of six weeks. They would be expected to journal about how they feel during the process and reflect on how these changes affect performance and mood. Not only that, but PHE also helps students develop social skills. For example, team sports help them learn to respect others, contribute to a team goal, and socialize as a productive member of a

  • Focused Dimension: Healthy, Cooperative, Self-Reliant, Balanced, Intelligent.
  • Example of the program: PHE, Health In Me, Funletics, Zumba, etc.

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