Welcome to the Community of Lifelong Learners!

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of Cikal. We aim to be a community of lifelong learners making a difference through everything we do, every single day. We hope we can continue to strengthen our beliefs in personalization.

At Cikal, we are providing choices and giving recommendations while allowing students (and their families) the flexibility to meet their learning needs. Cikal currently offers more than 1180 learning programs across levels and campuses, it is a huge responsibility in ensuring, not only the quality of the program but also the experiences of the learners. 

Do you think Cikal might be the right place for your family? We would love to hear from you!

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step 1 admission

This is the first step of your application process. Before sending your application you should read, understand and accept Cikal admission online terms and conditions within the form. You must fill out every single question given.

step 2 admission

After receiving your application, we will give you a confirmation email to let you know that your application has been well-received and is on the process, before going to the next session.

step 3 admission

There are several assessments that will be given, such like Psychotest, Placement test as well as interview Session and presentation for the new students as we would like to be more aware in understanding students competencies.

Enrollment Fee

Cikal offers more than 1180 learning programs across levels and campuses. We are also adopted compulsory credit which is a minimum credit total that a student is required to fulfil within the year of the level they are at. Fulfilment to compulsory credit is a crucial factor in school determination to student’s passing later. 

While fulfilling the compulsory credit, the student is given an array of programs option to choose from based on their interest, their learning needs and their capacity to learn further at a higher level. Under certain circumstances, the student may choose more programs, and it will be connected to the enrollment fee. 

Please kindly fill in our guest book whether you need to know further about our enrollment fee by clicking here