Inclusion Program

Cikal provides various programs to support children with special needs in Pendidikan Inklusi Cikal. These programs aim to keep the achievement of learning goals and self-development, as well as develop their future life skill.

Pendidikan Inklusi Cikal’s programs and activities:

Pendidikan Inklusi Cikal Programs

Pendidikan Inklusi Cikal Activities

  • Academic PIC 

  • Intervention and Development 

  • PIC Functional (Inc. Vocational)

  • Early Intervention 

  • PIC Personal Development

  • Therapy

Membership Types at Pendidikan Inklusi Cikal 

In Pendidikan Inklusi Cikal, we also offer two types of memberships consisting of Full-Time Membership and Part-Time Membership. These memberships type will be connected to the number of programs chosen to fulfil and support students learning needs and self-development, including Compulsory Credit and Homeroom sessions.  Below are the details, 

Full-Time Membership

Part-Time Membership

  • Compulsory Credit adopted

  • Compulsory Credit not adopted 

  • Collaboration with Home Room PIC

  • Less Collaboration with homeroom PIC

  • Students opt for more than 3 PIC programs 

  • Students opt for less than 3 PIC programs 

To have a better understanding of how Inclusion programs work at Cikal, contact us: 

Cikal Customer Service  

+62-811-1051-1178  (WhatsApp) atau melalui