Inclusion Program

Cikal provides various programs to support children with special needs in Pendidikan Inklusi Cikal. These programs aim to keep the achievement of learning goals and self-development, as well as develop their future life skill.

Pendidikan Inklusi Cikal’s programs and activities:

Pendidikan Inklusi Cikal Programs

Pendidikan Inklusi Cikal Activities

  • Academic PIC 

  • Intervention and Development 

  • PIC Functional (Inc. Vocational)

  • Early Intervention 

  • PIC Personal Development

  • Therapy

Membership Types at Pendidikan Inklusi Cikal 

In Pendidikan Inklusi Cikal, we also offer two types of memberships consisting of Full-Time Membership and Part-Time Membership. These memberships type will be connected to the number of programs chosen to fulfil and support students learning needs and self-development, including Compulsory Credit and Homeroom sessions.  Below are the details, 

Full-Time Membership

Part-Time Membership

  • Compulsory Credit adopted

  • Compulsory Credit not adopted 

  • Collaboration with Home Room PIC

  • Less Collaboration with homeroom PIC

  • Students opt for more than 3 PIC programs 

  • Students opt for less than 3 PIC programs 

To have a better understanding of how Inclusion programs work at Cikal, please find the introduction about Pendidikan Inklusi Cikal with Husnul Chotimah as Principle of Pendidikan Inklusi Cikal. 

For further information about programs and enrollment, contact us: 

Cikal Customer Service  

+62-811-1051-1178  (WhatsApp) atau melalui