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    1. Click 

    2. Enter the admission. The system will check on the available quota.

    3. Log in using your username and password of Cikal Community. Register if you don't have a username and password.

    4. Click the child's data on the registration form.

    5. Receive a confirmation email of data registration.

    6. Receive the first payment e-mail of the entry fee.

    7. After payment, complete the child's profile data and upload the required documents.

    8. Cikal will schedule individual interviews and presentations (for junior and senior high school students), as well as psychological tests and observations (if any).

    9. If accepted, you will receive an email of confirmation and a document to complete the payment of the entry fee.

    10. Please pay the down payment according to the deadline.

    11. Congratulations, you are officially a member of Cikal! 

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    Yes. We are fully aware of this case and provide several options. You may contact our admission team to know more about our instalment regulations through

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    Yes, we provide shuttle buses from several places. Hence, no need to directly drop off your child at school.

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    If the student moves from another school, parents have to submit the student's report from the prior school, and there will be assessment tests. Students with special needs need to submit a progress report and also a Psychological result assessment from the therapist and clinician.

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    Yes, Cikal is an inclusive school. We accept students with special needs through Pendidikan Inklusi Cikal to cater to and support the learning journey and the fulfilment of the learning needs of students with special needs. We provide the modification of curriculum and the accommodation of learning The observations will be conducted intensively and frequently.




Sekolah Cikal Surabaya

Jl. Raya Lontar No. 103, Kelurahan Lontar, Kecamatan Sambikerep, Surabaya

Phone Reception & Primary (+62 815-1550-1010) | Middle School & High School (+62 815-7595-7599)
Fax +62 812-3445-1335

email :

Rumah Main Cikal Surabaya

Jl. Raya Lontar No. 103, Kelurahan Lontar, Kecamatan Sambikerep

Phone +62 815-1550-1010 (Whatsapp)
Fax +62 812-3445-1335

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Sekolah Cikal Amri Setu

Jl. Setu Raya No. 3, Cipayung

Phone +62 811-1156-599 (Whatsapp)
Fax +62 811-8456-599

email :


Rumah Main Cikal Bandung

Jl. Bengawan No.23, Kel. Cihapit, Kec. Bandung Wetan

Phone +6222 720 4191 / +62 851-6143-2320 (Whatsapp)
Fax +62 811-8601-027

email :


Rumah Main Cikal Serpong

Jl. Ciater Rawa Mekar Jaya, Serpong

Phone +62 852-1773-7124 (Whatsapp)
Fax +62 811-8601-027

email :


Sekolah Cikal Lebak Bulus

Jl. Lebak Bulus I, RT 006/RW 004, Cilandak Barat, Cilandak

Phone Reception & Primary (+62 818-902-570), Middle School & High School (+62 818-902-571)
Fax +62 811-8601-023

email :

Rumah Main Cikal Lebak Bulus

Jl. Lebak Bulus II No. 16, RT.4/RW.4, Kel. Cilandak Barat, Kec. Cilandak

Phone +62 811-1723-551 (Whatsapp) | +6221-27811432 (Phone)
Fax +62 811-8601-023

email :


Sekolah Cikal Bandung

Jl. Bengawan No.23, Kel. Cihapit, Kec. Bandung Wetan, Jawa Barat

Phone +62 851-6143-2320 (Whatsapp)
Fax +62 811-8601-027

email :


Pendidikan Inklusi Cikal Jakarta

Jl. Lb. Bulus I No.6, RT.6/RW.4, Cilandak Bar., Kec. Cilandak, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12430

Phone +62 819-755-5588
Fax +62 811-8601-027

email :

Pendidikan Inklusi Cikal Surabaya

Jl. Raya Lontar No. 103, Kelurahan Lontar, Kecamatan Sambikerep

Phone +62 815-7595-7599 (Whatsapp/Phone)
Fax +62 812-3445-1335

email :

Pendidikan Inklusi Cikal Bandung

Jl. Bengawan No.23, Cihapit, Bandung Wetan, Bandung

Phone +62 815-7595-7599 (Whatsapp)
Fax -

email :