Cikal Alumni Talk Sekolah Cikal Lebak Bulus

Cikal Alumni Talk Sekolah Cikal Lebak Bulus
Date : 1 Feb 2023
Venue : 7th Floor, Sekolah Cikal Lebak Bulus

Hello, Sekolah Cikal Lebak Bulus Year 9-12 students! 

We have good news for you!

Cikal Proudly Present “Cikal Alumni Talk”

In Cikal Alumni Talk, we invite you to learn more about our alumni. They will share their experiences from the campus selection process, career mapping, and their life after graduation from Cikal.

At this event you will meet:

  • Dante Tumbelaka | Alumnus Cikal 2019

English Literature student at Louisiana State University Alexandria, USA. 

TBI-certified ESL (English as a second language) teacher, also a freelance film production assistant. Currently with Visinema Pictures.

  • Nishrin Assegaf | Alumna Cikal 2020

Student at the University of Melbourne doubles majoring in Economics and Psychology, and An advisor at BecomeMore Indonesia.

  • Thalita Nadira Izza Senen | Alumna Cikal  2022

Student of Faculty of Medecine (International Program) Universitas Indonesia, awardee of 10 national and international campuses with scholarships. 

On Wednesday, February 1st 2023

At 7th Floor, Sekolah Cikal Lebak Bulus 

See you there!