School Starts to Open but Parents are Worried About Cases Rising By Galini Alexandra, Year 6, Sekolah Cikal

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Covid can spread through children and teachers, and parents start to worry

News: The government has pushed schools to open for primary and secondary. If the parent allows their children to be in offline school. “For PPKM level 2 areas, they are ready to have offline school in half capacity” Suharti stated.

The ministry secretary-general allowed the school to open and start classes at half capacity. PPKM level 2 regions are the only ones allowed for offline school. Because these regions didn’t have high cases they were allowed. One condition is to still use the protocols.

All students and teachers were told to follow the protocols. They wore a mask with at least 3 layers or more. They sanitized once they were coming to school and leaving. Social distance is also a must to not spread the virus. The security or teacher usually checks your temperature before going in. Schools usually only open for half capacity or they split classrooms.

They were divided into 2 groups for each class. Or they don't allow a lot of students to even enter. These are one of the protocols that are a must when having offline school.

Most parents said no over meeting in person, but Suharti said the choice was theirs. Because of the high cases, parents started to worry. But some allowed the kids to have offline may be due to a lack of learning. Class starting after 2 years of online, kids and teachers following health protocols. But some people think it’s not the right time to open schools. The high cases were rapidly going up and a lot of people are concerned. In the end, Suharti decided to open schools for the kids after a while of online learning. However, only some schools regions with PPKM level 2 were allowed to open. Cases are rising a lot, other people were very concerned about the teachers and kids' health. Even some parents aren’t allowing their kids to have offline school.

“For PPKM level 2 areas, they are ready to have offline school in half capacity” Suharti stated.

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